Established in the year 1969, PRINT MAC INDUSTRIES is ONE OF THE LEADING manufacturer
and exporters for the past 50 years in the field of HDPE/PP woven sack printing technology instruments.

We also have an in-house Research and Development facility with the most advanced testing equipments for HDPE bags and HDPE sacks. The latest testing equipments ensures products that matches international standards of quality and reliability. We have got highly experienced and technically qualified people looking after the various stages of production. With our emphasis on quality and speedy delivery schedules we look forward to becoming one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in the near future.

Our beloved customers enjoyed the quality of service and the modern printing technology we offered through our instruments .With constant growth of demand from all corner's of the country and abroad we pushed to launch another unit under the brand name J.P.INDUSTRIES ': we got the reputation too,as what we received to earlier brand name

About us

With our stringent quality control, competitive pricing , we assure creative and satisfying products to our clients..